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CEO’s of local REALTOR® Associations are expected to be the expert in all things real estate; most especially the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  How fabulous it was when I took a class by Diane Disbrow and found an instructor who walked the walk and talked the talk.  She teaches the extremely complicated REALTOR® Code in a way that all members can relate to because she has been in the trenches and provides real life scenarios to highlight the nuances within. I highly recommend her to teach for you – she even has fun in the process!

-Colleen Pappas, CEO REALTOR® Association of Central MA

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Training at its best

“This was Realtor Code of Ethics training at its best.
For two consecutive days, Diane kept our audiences of roughly 200 New Hampshire Realtors per session thoroughly engaged, laughing and learning from start to finish. Her knowledge of the Code of Ethics is unsurpassed, and she is able to convey it through an unpretentious style that is relatable and fun. Diane mixed bits of straight talk with a whole lot of interaction, including two games, Jeopardy and Kahoot, to make active participants out of a majority of her audience. It’s rare that we see “Fun!” show up more in evaluations!
Thank you, Diane!”

– Nicole Greco, Program Manager New Hampshire REALTORS®

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The One to Teach

“As our 2018 Professional Standards Workshop Instructor for an audience of close to 150 attendees, Diane Disbrow used her bag of tricks to keep the audience involved and intrigued with the Code of Ethics. Diane’s preparation was thorough and the content of the class addressed timely and relevant information that our members found extremely beneficial. Her use of case studies successfully engaged the audience and the class reviews were fantastic. Call Diane. You’ll know after the first phone call that she’s “the one.”

– Carole Ridley, Professional Standards Administrator Arizona REALTORS®

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fun and informative

“The Northwest Mississippi REALTORS has had Diane teach our Professional Standards training for three years, both in person and virtual. Diane has an amazing way to keep the class engaging, fun and informative in both formats. The role play hearing panel is a great way for participants to really see a complaint from start to finish and how the process works. Diane has also hosted administrative training and ombudsman training with great reviews! I would recommend Diane’s class for any association training for the committee, or the general membership.”

–  Amanda Fowler, Association Executive, NWMS REALTORS

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Highly recommend

“I can’t say enough about Diane Disbrow and her training sessions. She is an expert in professional standards and code of ethics enforcement. Every time we have Diane conduct sessions at Ohio REALTORS®, the participation by our members is fabulous and the evaluations following the sessions always reflect that. Highly recommend for both virtual and in-person training.  Thanks Diane!”

Sharon S. Sample. RCE Vice President Board Services & Officer Liaison Ohio REALTORS® 

“Diane’s organizational skills and vast knowledge of the industry paired with her energetic personality create a dynamic program that keeps attendees engaged from start to finish!” –Becky LaHaie, CTA Project Specialist Michigan REALTORS®

“What did you like best about the course?”

We asked the question and you answered!

  • Very thorough and her preparation was wonderful. The case studies provoked a lot of thought.
  • As always, Diane is very upbeat and informative. I am impressed that this was done virtually without a hitch.
  • She made it a lot of fun and interactive and easier to allow the details to resonate.
  • Diane has the knowledge and expertise relating to all aspects in the real estate market
  • Interaction with Realtors and the trainer was upbeat, knowledgeable and covered all of the material in an interesting way
  • The instructor’s program was very well informed and enthusiastically presented. It was educational AND entertaining
  • And Diane Disbrow is a hoot. The best!
  • I’ve lost count how many training courses I have attended over the past 30 years; I’ve always found Diane’s course the most professional; injecting humor at times & her ability to hold our attention! I did find breaking the course into two sessions more effective!
  • Speaker was very engaging and tasks were solid learning experiences.
  • Speaker was well prepared and made it interesting. It is always good when you attend a training class and actually learn something. Diane was excellent.
  • Diane is very knowledgeable and the break-out sessions breed great conversation! Thank you, Diane for your service to all of us!!!!
  • Diane has the ability to present so well as an Instructor using examples of realistic things that she makes it all interesting and the time flies by. She did a great job. Thanks, Geoff
  • I liked the interaction online with answering questions using a quiz format and also group breakouts. The entire course was extremely well written and well presented. It made the time go by fast, not a minute to be bored or wishing for the class to end…exceptional! Thank you very much thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • The best part was it was professionally articulated and right on time during this pandemic.
  • The creative way the teacher was able to bring the topics to real situations.
  • I feel the course wool ensure I maintain the highest ethical standards with all my clients. The instructor was OUTSTANDING!
  • The speaker allowed us to interact. she answered all questions asked. she provided detailed material for the course study.
  • Use of multiple media within virtual media
  • Great class and speaker was fabulous and very prepare
  • The way the speaker was able to get the class to interact so we could learn from everyone’s input and understand what was right and what wasn’t.
  • The information that was given was very well presented. If more agents/brokers were aware of the topics we covered, there would be less issues.
  • For a subject that is not always entertaining the instructor made this very informative and fun.
  • I like to hear Diane’s reasonings for the answers to the test questions. She has so much experience – that’s a good way to share it.
  • Mock trial, a lot of work went into prepping the trial but it was good to see hearing in motion
  • The presenter’s breadth of knowledge and experience. Masterful use of technology and use of engaging exercise.
  • Audience participation and the enthusiasm Diane shows for the subject matter, along with her extensive knowledge.
  • Think Diane was very detailed on the subject and stayed on track with the topics. One of the best training courses I have attended.
  • I love that you make it fun and interactive.
  • Casual feel while covering important topic of ETHICS. Interaction and planning were excellent!
  • Time flew. Interactive questions, games, groups. Extremely well prepared. Thank you! Refreshing and knowledgeable!
  • The trainer is very knowledgeable and engages with the group very well.
  • I like the instructor and her ability to see a student’s point of view and then explain why the answer/decision is what it is
  • Diane’s level of wisdom, and great ability to communicate.
  • The many variations of teaching the instructor used. The most engaging virtual class I’ve taken yet
  • The instructor was so engaging. She’s the best!
  • I liked Diane’s way of engaging the crowd, keeping it fun, using Kahoot and also overall calm approach to the course.
  • Diane made it fun!
  • Diane made it interesting and interactive. Gave ample opportunities for questions.
  • Very informative! Great content, fabulous scenarios, mind-bending discussions!!!
  • Instructor’s breadth of knowledge and use of technology to include everyone in the course.
  • The time that was taken to explain and made sure everyone understood what was being taught.
  • Trainer was very knowledgeable, and although participation is hard to get, she was able to get us involved.
  • Content was given in the best way i have received in the 5 or 6 trainings i have attended on these subjects.
  • You really made the course material more fun with the participation in breakouts, polls, and so on.
  • Best course on this subject I’ve ever taken….and I’ve taken plenty since 1995 when I went into Association Management.
  • Thank you for all your hours w/ us, I enjoy your classes. They are easy to listen to and easy to speak up in! Hope we get you again next year!
  • It was very engaging which resulted in really good interaction/conversations. Almost made you forget we were on Zoom and not in person.
  • Diane is a great teacher and presented the course material in an easy to understand way and made me feel comfortable in the virtual class setting.
  • The amount of knowledge and interactivity. I learned a lot personally and the instructor made it quite fun. When someone teaches something and you feel an emotion, you will typically remember it forever. I feel that’s what has happened here. I’ll remember the tops she’s given us for years to come.
  • The Instructor. Diane has so much knowledge to share and she delivered it in a very interesting and interactive way for me to understand the articles and proper procedures in more detail than I previously knew. She also made me aware of what the other Committees process and procedures are to get to their decisions.
  • Diane is a fabulous trainer. Been enjoying her for years! Good material. Always learning new thoughts for providing better service to our Realtors.

Real Estate Continuing Education. Having fun while learning.

Her sessions are insightful, full of information and, above all, fun!

“Diane is one of our favorite instructors and one of the very best professional standards instructors. Our members know her by name and consistently request that we bring her back as an instructor year after year. Diane is always willing to share her professional standards expertise when we have a question for her. We are so grateful to have her as a resource!”

-Desirae Lindquist, Director of Operations Gallatin Association of REALTORS®

“Diane has been the instructor several times over the years at our annual Professional Standards Workshop, which has around 600 attendees. She has always made the material relevant, informative and entertaining.  Diane has always received rave reviews from the participants.”

Becky Carraher, Director of Ethics and Professional Standards, Illinois REALTORS®

“Diane has been conducting the annual Professional Standards trainings for our committees and Board of Directors for years. Her sessions are insightful, full of information and, above all, fun!  They are thought provoking discussions, interactive games, and fun role-playing activities.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  I highly recommend her program.”

-Brian Levine, Esq. In-House Counsel/Director of Legal Services & Professional Standards Administrator Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS®

“Diane is a wealth of information and so nice to work with. She makes learning Professional Standards roles and responsibilities fun. Many of our members say “This is the best class I’ve ever taken!” following her classes. The handouts she provides are quick easy references that our members use.”

-Angela Emerson, MBA, RCE®, CIPS, C2EX, GREEN, ePRO, AHWD

“Our participants loved Diane’s enthusiastic presentation of the material. They noted her knowledge of the subject and her interactive delivery of the information as top reasons to invite her back!”

-Jeanette langford, RCE®, C2EX,  Vice President, professional Services, MIBOR® REALTOR ASSOCIATION

As an AE, I  just completed Diane Disbrow’s Professional Standards and Ombudsman training.  I found her an exceptional instructor whose presentations were interesting, pertinent and engaging.  The icing on the cake, however, includes the  extremely user friendly and concise checklists she provides.  Her easy to follow  checklists will allow AEs, Grievance Committees, Hearing Panels and Ombudsmen to perform their duties more effectively.  Thank you, Diane!

Jo Usry, Chief Executive Officer, Central Mississippi REALTORS®, Inc.

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